About us

About us

WELL MAINTENANCE Co., Ltd. was established by a team of engineers who specialize in the repair and maintenance of buildings and structures. Business Repair and maintenance Tools & Equipment The building and machinery of all types such as installation, Maintenance, Waterproofing, Repair and Strengthening structures ,Investigate and Analyze structures ,High quality materials used in the tool of modern technology. 

The company selects quality products from reputable manufacturers based on customer needs. It also represents the import and export of high quality products from Europe. To meet the technical tools and maintenance of tools and systems. With over 20 years of experience, our engineers are confident that we have the experience to choose the materials and procedures needed for each job.

Our business policy is to respond to our customers’ needs with quality products and prompt service because we are “Expert in repair and maintenance”



  1. Service and distribution of epoxy and polyurethane products to solve structural problems.
  2. Service and distribution of anti-rust and steel products. Anti-rust system Cathodics protection , Anodics protection from UK.
  3. Supply and distribution of carbon fiber products for structural strengthening.
  4. Service and distribution of waterproofing products imported from Italy.
  5. Representative of special cable and pipe entry. High quality products from Sweden (www.tst-ab.com).